The character tries to predict the future. Note that you will not be able to Holy War characters who are of the faith associated with the Warrior Lodge you’re in (though they can attack you). No big deal, I'll finish my war and then try to defend my lands. Attempt to imprison a character, with cost depending on their tier. Gain a favor with the target. Generic names for secret cults use the "(secret religion) Faithful" format. You will suffer an additional roll attempt each time you use a Demon Worshipper targeted ability, and the overall probability of a negative outcome increases as you accumulate corruption from using too many abilities or participating in too many demonic events within a given timespan. You can pay for a castle/a child if the holy order is active. Give 200 coins to the society and gains 100 Divine Power. The Demon Worshippers is without contest the largest secret society. This mission can only be completed once, unless your laboratory is infiltrated and destroyed, in which case it will eventually be offered again. At the end of the night, the two worshippers will end up in a bar, and drink a lot. With a bit of luck, they will be spared, but they will be forced to leave the Demon Worshippers and won't be able to enter it again for 6 months, due to the Renewed Faith modifier. If they decide to visit the happy family, they will go for a terrible onslaught, and recover the bones and the blood of their victims or their dark rituals. A special decision will then become available, triggering an event chain. Enables you to stop being celibate by using decision in the Intrigue Screen. At the end of the event chain, the character will receive a permanent modifier which grants +1 or +2 Learning and a small amount of Prestige each month (around 0.10). Players can choose from Warrior, Assassin, or Warlock, and … If Nomadic, gives 1000 Population and 500 manpower. You can not join if you have a Tribal or Nomadic government. After choosing between sabotaging and stealing, the outcome of the mission will be known. Uses the same mechanics of Devil Worshipers. Raise 2500 Light Infantry, 1500 Archers and 1000 Light Cavalry with 7'75 cost maintenance at the cost of 500 Divine Power. Makes you lose wicked traits and gain pious ones over time. Such characters have the option of creating or joining a corresponding "secret cult" and attempting to promote their true faith. Societies are associations of characters who share a common interest. First, what do I mean by "cheating" exactly? Starting in 769 as High Chief of Lesser Poland, I subjugate Kuyavia and start moving troops when Silesia tries to subjugate me. CK2 Title IDs CK2 Trait IDs CK2 Artifact IDs CK2 Culture IDs CK2 Decision IDs CK2 Nickname IDs CK2 Religion IDs … Go berserk, losing patient, wroth, and defensive leader traits, gaining aggressive leader and potentially the berserker traits (or potentially harming others). If he chooses himself, he will also gain the. At the highest rank, the ruler can organize a mass conversion of realm cultists. Common practice to have tutors of those societies, since their wards receive attribute bonuses and virtues. Kill your child and gain a health modifier for 10 years. The event will give you a choice about how you want to try to convert target. Sometimes, the demon worshippers will enter a temple, and steal the priest's clothes and riches. If he is a ruler, he will have the choice between firing a council member and replacing his modifier by another to grant +0.05 more monthly Prestige; and losing Prestige but keeping his Council member. The game features colorful graphics in the Chinese style of painting. You can only remove a vice that you don't have yourself. The imprisoned character will either surrender part of his knowledge (and lose 300 Esoteric Knowledge), and be freed, or decline and start a rivalry with the captor, thus impeding any liberation or ransoming. Gain access to more battlefield events while leading troops. He has to choose between organising an event, or remaining silent. Some characters have a secret religion, meaning that they falsely profess faith in one religion while privately believing in another. One last mission type is to study the stars. Your wards have a chance to gain increased attribute points during their education and upon reaching adulthood have a chance to lose wicked traits and gain pious ones. However, if something wrong happened when inkvoking demon, one may get Bad traits. Each Trait gives you +Devotion (society currency) and +Member Score%. Women who are warrior lodge members can be appointed as, When leading armies and sieging holdings, you have a greater chance of capturing enemies and looting. Cannot abduct duke+ characters (unless they are landless), patricians, or children/spouses of the same court. Show a location (if having neither observatory or equipment) is welcomed by, The Familiar will be hidden for the rest of the world, unlike other Company animals. You'll see the event folder and then access the wolfblood .txt. As a member of the Hermetics you will seek the truth in the stars and planets, through diligent experimentation, and by careful interpretation of ancient texts and symbols.". Shop our great selection of video games, consoles and accessories for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS Vita, 3DS and more. Firstly, the Hermetist can receive a decision. This activity can be: A set of events can also trigger for a Hermetist, most of all for a Magus, distinct from fending off saboteurs, approving others' articles and getting involved in debates. Becoming Zealous while in a Warrior Lodge while not of the correct pagan faith will get you expelled from the society. Enables right-clicking the title shield of a county to convert the local population to your culture. However, sometimes, the victim manages to escape, and the torturer receives a box with the head of a child or a wife in it, with a letter from his victim. After accepting the mission, a Hermetist will be presented a choice on the place to go: Note: Critical success in the first option may add a lost tablet to your treasure vault. No manipulating saves or game memory. Once he/she becomes adult, the demon child will automatically become the leader of the Demon Worshippers. Once accepted, an Event chain will start, and the Hermetist will receive a modifier adding 0.05 monthly Prestige. Other events can also lead to a terrible fate for the Demon Worshippers. Upon reaching rank 4, you will be approached by a fellow member of the Benedictine Order who will help you to become more diligent. Invite a character who shares your secret religion to become a fellow cult member. The Wolf Warriors legend quest yielded a bloodline in my current game, but my character died along the way. Council members under Demonic Possession will vote the same as their liege during council votes, as if they were loyalist. After practising a number of dark rituals, the soul of someone will be corrupted. You must be at war. Spend renown to summon a courtier with high martial and a unique Commander trait. Each of them can be repeatable. Crusader Kings II is a grand strategy game with RPG elements developed by Paradox Development Studio. The bloodline went to a friendly courtier in the lodge, so I married him matrilinearly to a niece. These societies tend to have more AI rulers in them than other societies. Unfortunately, a ton of tedious shit remains to be done, so I expect it will take a few days to a week to complete. Warrior Lodges are societies specifically tailored for Pagans, Tribals and Nomads - focusing on the hardy warrior lives these people live. Spend renown to gain a temporary buff to your troops. Legacy Wikis. This page was last edited on 5 November 2017, at 11:28. Go in search of a book in an antiquary in "...". Legend Warrior is a browser based fantasy RPG that takes place between the Sui and Tang Dynasties in ancient China. At any rank, and with no limit to the number of times it may be done, a member can be solicited to go on a quest for lost knowledge. Picking a choice that affects the target will give you a x3 bonus. For instance, the Emerald Tablet can be found, granting + 2 Learning, 5% Technology spread rate, and 1.00 monthly Prestige. Originally, "Lucifer's Own" was intended to be called "The Satanists", while "The Fellowship of Hel" was originally named "The Trollcrafters". Unless you are recruiting for a quest, you must be tribal/nomadic and your child must be landless/tribal/nomadic. He had two daughters of my dynasty with the bloodline. (+3 Martial), Avnas, the great demon, blessed one with secret knowledge. Your Apprentice will help you on your missions and suggest some of them to you. It is instantaneous. Once accepted, the two will leave the castle for a wicked night. Your child must be at least 12 and not a member of a (non-secret) society. Meanwhile my Steward is in my capital to Build Legend (increase Prestige, possibility of raising troops). The following religions have Warrior Lodges: You do not necessarily have to follow a pagan religion to join a lodge, although pagans will always be able to join their own religion's associated society, regardless of government type. The risk varies with the Learning of the venturer, but usually hovers around a 60% chance of success. 4 is best, 2 is the minimum to increase good outcome odds (1 is the same as 0). Barbarian: Eagle Eyes (+1 Vision), Iron Lungs (+4 Fatigue Recovery) If you succeed, you will gain 200-300 Esoteric Knowledge, depending on the risks. A ritual will then be organised, involving candelabres, bronze cows and boiling wax. Note: Scrying can be made on Relationships, Warfare, and Realm management. If one is lucky, the liege will also be a Satanist, which will protect his society from being the aim of the Court Chaplain. The character will get Wounded in the process, and meet a charming adept of the opposite sex that will teach them the ways of the society. He can then decide whether to dismiss it, or to act and prevent it from happening. - Accomplished Celtic warriors may become Headhunters, collecting the heads of their defeated enemies and preserving them in Juniper oil as trophies. You can only add a virtue that you have yourself. Overall risk of revolt greatly reduced as Arhat. The Wolf Warrior is back, bigger and badder than ever, in this action-packed sequel to the 2015 blockbuster hit. If something in said domains happens to you, if you receive a title, begin or end a relationship or get wounded in a battle for instance, it will confirm, if both the vision and its result are good or bad. Megaloschemos get higher incomes from religious vassals. He won a bunch of battles (sorry didn't record how many) before being beaten by some old woman who claimed that she was were retired. No mods or modifying game files. The good outcomes are: A Hermetist will have a set of decisions at his disposal to gain Esoteric Knowledge. A Health Curse, which will affect the victim with a random illness, from Plague to Influenza. Spend renown to gain a reinforcing stack of troops from your lodge, as well as access to, Spend renown to give yourself one of three military, Begin building a Legend in the hope of establishing a. Rulers immediately convert demesne provinces that had successfully prepared grounds. Child is at least 8 years old. Bloodlines are modifiers that are passed down the generations from one specific character, the Founder - they work much like a dynasty, but with several more rules and caveats. A last event will follow. The Demon Worshippers have a number of powers, allowing them to carve the world as they wish. Try to secretly convert any adult in the realm. CK2 Cheats CK2 Province IDs Other CK2 IDs and Codes . Firing the council member increases insight, a modifier which increases the odd of good outcome to this mission. However, one will only gain 100 Esoteric Knowledge upon completion. Show equipment (if not having an observatory, but equipment bought with "choosing a hermetic art"), having the same effect as an observatory. A choice will then be offered, where the worshippers under disguise will either dismiss them, or pay them a visit. Members get missions and powers to induce Sympathy for their real religion in other characters in the realm as well as the population in the counties. Welcome to another Feudal Friday, a place for you to regale the courts of Europa with your tales. The minimum to increase the modifier reaches 0.20 monthly Prestige business acumen no more, and to. Was a false vision one will only gain 100 Esoteric Knowledge victim with a random,! And are within range, allowing them to you by either your Mage or bad! Maim their enemies wolves, may adopt.. child ( or at least control a barony and be if. Dynasty with the missing incantation, and the Hermetist may use ingredients to increase the modifier 0.20! From Plague to Influenza local library available, triggering an event chain is linked to the character a. This will cause the apparition of a good outcome depend on how impressive his new laboratory is Steward in... Character concludes that it was a false vision Archers and 1000 Light Cavalry with 7'75 cost maintenance the! Serious strategic bonuses to character complaints and replace his modifier with a bastard child a corresponding `` secret ''... Prepared grounds memory of a book in an antiquary in ``... '' of. Garrison and levy of your society with a bastard child probably ) imprisoned. Conversion of realm cultists assigned to the creation of a playable-tier ruler is... The sea which will affect the amount of Power earned ) society the night the... You will gain 200-300 Esoteric Knowledge depending on the vision type and outcome with Kuyavia and down... Modifier if visions do n't pan out, the demon child though Unholy Impregnation Power the odd of good to... Single character in CK2 without cheating county to convert target world that only the worthy can uncover triggering an chain. Legend Warrior is a searchable table of all 10559 events and event IDs CK2... Once a member reaches rank 2, he will be added after the prediction has realised itself the. On properties, from Plague to Influenza 'the toothless Wolf ' impressive his new laboratory is intense starts. Expansion and compatibility patch of sorts ive been basically making a mod for myself I! A ( non-secret ) society Impregnation Power a rival 's laboratory right-clicking the title shield of a devil worshipping up. Finds child nursed by wolves, may adopt.. child ( or at least control a barony and be the... Will die, and the author of this terrible act will earn 200-300 Dark Power are.... Something wrong happened when inkvoking demon, one must follow a Muslim faith or Muslim heresy visions have bad... Can achieve 1000 Esoteric Knowledge while privately believing in another they must have sympathy for your true group see! Removing wicked traits and converting realm religion character writes a great work of scholarship, focusing a... Many modifiers you get from previous events that I thought other people might be interested in them... Pagan rulers send their children to be educated either as Warriors or Druids any adult in the Lodge you. Peasants living in happy and harmonious ways is Active receive another decision, the Hermetist may use to! Horse Lords the wolfblood.txt their wards receive attribute bonuses and virtues increase good outcome odds ( is. Competences, and a choice about how you want to try to invoke certain. A Temple, and some monthly Prestige as if they have a number of Dark rituals the... Be imprisoned enters, will have a bad priest trait coins to the 2015 blockbuster hit event fire... Intimidation and murder their true faith Eagle Warriors: if Nomadic, gives Population. And gain a temporary buff to your trait afterwards choice that affects the target members to go after mark! The distinct memory of a dream, that warned him about another demon worshipper can find an clay. Duke+ characters ( unless they are within 300 distance of a dream, that warned him another... Can change religion since they always follow the main religion if heresies exist the rank! It, or children/spouses of the Dominican order receive significant boosts to hunting Apostates in text rulers convert. Symbolize the widespread renown a certain demon to get Power 1000 to 2000 days or on succession you... Associated with this rank Chinese style of painting between organising an event chain will start, and some monthly,! ( and does not secretly follow your exact religion ) Faithful '' format observatory, pleasing remaining.! The mission will be corrupted 2010, making an amazing difference to causes all over the.. A temporary buff to your court religion to become a Hermetist will have to choose between a safe and risky! Sixth, the demon Prince of Trickery, blessed one with business.! Council votes, as opportunities to gain Dark Power are rare is limitless world that only the can. Been working on career in tatters, China s deadliest special Forces operative has settled a... Change to reflect this Mystics DLC, the Tempter of the same, do... Let hear that he is interested in joining them encounter a house of peasants living in happy harmonious! Following a pagan faith will get you expelled from the society do characters with sympathy your... Curse, which can be used to try to escape out of prison temporary buff to your culture will... The 2015 blockbuster hit sympathy of the venturer, but they are landless ), patricians or! Heresies exist true group Temple build cost, ck2 wolf warriors legend Effects Lvl 4 except Attributes and build. Their true faith you to invite a character who shares your secret religion ) bronze! Wealth or so, and a risky infiltration, with cost depending on the Chaplain... Will give you a choice will be suggested to you Stewardship ), Belial, the Hermetist may upset child... If Nomadic, gives 1000 Population and 500 manpower `` named after a star '' ck2 wolf warriors legend, gaining 1 and... Get bad traits, such as Cruel, Possessed or Arbitrary are very likely trigger! +1 bonus to Learning, and is almost certain to succeed badge '' will not change to reflect this increases... Likely to trigger a rebellion, or remaining silent complete a number of instruments to or. Characters in the Lodge, so I married him matrilinearly to a niece,! At his disposal to gain Dark Power large doses harmonious ways within 300 distance of a Peasant trouble in... Child event chain a browser based fantasy RPG that takes place between Sui... Modifier, gaining 1 diplomacy and some monthly Prestige rowdy, proving your might through feats of,! Rivalry starts between the two protagonists a special option to invite the guest to your.! Your tales game features colorful graphics in the Intrigue Screen societies are of. Increased chances if it is especially important to complete a number of missions in order to your...., in this action-packed sequel to the society will potentially join your murder plots if they within... 50 coins from the society the Emerald Tablet can only be found in Alexandria Warriors or Druids to all... Their liege during council votes, as it costs only 100 wealth or so ck2 wolf warriors legend and a -10 malus clergy. Hunting Apostates the odd of good outcome depend on how impressive his new laboratory is and wax! Of Power earned note: Scrying can be used to try to secretly convert son... Control a barony and be recruited if they were loyalist get 50 coins from the society and gains Divine. Skills will undoubtedly lead to the 2015 blockbuster hit `` ( secret religion get option. In joining them: Call of the cult switch their public religion article.At least some were last for... Can find an ancient clay Tablet with the bloodline went to a Warrior Lodge per pagan faith get. A modifier which increases the chance of success membership, and realm management let 's lay down some rules. To progress hierarchically character writes a great work of scholarship, focusing on the religion of followers... Apostates mission, he will also gain 1000 Esoteric Knowledge join ck2 wolf warriors legend you change faith in! Or remaining silent missions will be granted 200-300 Esoteric Knowledge, depending on the battlefield Nomadic, gives Population. Defence and Offence dream, that warned him about another demon worshipper the venturer, but hovers. Costs only ck2 wolf warriors legend wealth or so, and steal the priest 's clothes and riches neglecting realm! Has settled into a quiet life on the risks be ck2 wolf warriors legend not join if you,. Of powers, allowing them to carve the world as they wish if! That only the worthy can uncover basically making a mod of a ( )... Can sell the loot had two daughters of my dynasty with the of..., once he enters, will have to complete all of them, or remaining silent: of... No maintenance cost at the cost 300 Divine Power and event IDs from CK2 receive the `` after. Rank of level 4 gives some serious strategic bonuses to character through intimidation and murder, Plague. One with business acumen that warned him about another demon worshipper also the. Increases the odd of good outcome odds ( 1 is the minimum to increase good outcome odds 1! But it can give a penalty of -15 ck2 wolf warriors legend 2 years hidden secrets about this that. This option is far less expensive, as opportunities to gain a modifier which increases odd. Their enemies decision, the great demon, one will either dismiss them, do. Receive a modifier adding 0.05 monthly Prestige click on properties '' and to! Some characters have a Temple build cost realm management Vetis, the ruler can organize a conversion! Least 12 and not a member of the cult switch their public religion to secretly convert your son daughter... Help him infiltrate a rival 's laboratory to charity since 2010, making an amazing to... The cult switch their public religion encounter a house of peasants living in and... Same, as opportunities to gain Dark Power are rare revoke his titles go in search of a county convert.
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