Some people will require the best cooling vest for high humidity, etc. The materials that the packs are made out of matter as well. The breathable panels are not exactly heavy duty, so hardcore sports could damage, but the materials are made more than well enough for running. New PCM cooling vests have become available recently. It is a perfect option for medical needs, industrial safety, emergency services, military, athletic or outdoor recreation. Thin and flexible. This is a great option for those of you who want an ice pack vest you can rely on for the long haul. A 3-D airflow design allows for extra breathability under all those protective layers. Next Generation PCM Cooling Vests. It has the capability of keeping you comfortable for 2-4 hours in extremely high temperatures. You should want to use it every day—no matter how much or how little you spend on it—so make sure you pick the one that will deliver the most value to you. Weighing in at under 2lbs., it is easy to see why this versatile option is comfortable and useable for the widest variety of people. It will maintain a consistent 64F/18C with the 2 ice packs that are included. Latest. TechNiche's Phase Change Cooling Vests maintain a comfortable 14 degrees C (58 degrees F) for up to 3 hours of critical heat stress relief. The most basic and most widely used form of cooled personal protective equipment (PPE) is vests that use phase change material (PCM) for thermal energy storage. Fits most users. Users were very happy with how cool this kept them. Glacier Tek Sports uses materials that are more sustainable and come from alternative sources that don’t originate from petroleum. Alpinestars MX is a model that you literally just throw the whole thing into cold water for 5-10 minutes and then squeeze out the water and itself -regulates and slowly releases the coolness onto your skin over time. It does a good job of cooling the user, but the company says it cools for 4 hours while users said that by that time the ice vest was completely dry and was useful for only about 2 hours at a time. It only keeps the wearer cool as the water evaporates. TechKewl™ Phase Change Cooling Vests keep you cool when you need it most! Size: M/L=100-175lbs L/XL=175-250lbs XXL=250-300lbs They are commonly used under high heat protective clothing, hazardous material suits, military body armor, and mascot costumes. Maybe it fits you well but your partner needs it in a pinch; there is a good chance that the flexibility offered through this product will allow them to use it too. Cons: Not … MC Picks six vests that will help keep you cool this summer. It blows 10-plus cubic feet of air across the top of the head, the company says. It is reinforced in all of the right places and designed to take more of a beating than some of the other cooling vests on our list. The method of releasing moisture is one that many people either like or not. It is easy to use, simple product that anyone can use and enjoy. Give this one a try, it's got the stuff to keep you replenished. The air-flow design allows for additional comfort and breathability to keep players dry and refreshed. To use an evaporative cooling vest, you wet them in cold water, wring out excess water and then wear it. Once they're frozen you place them inside the vest and off you go. This is a great option for runners, motorcyclists, and bikers who may not have consistent access to a freezer or want a cooling option that is lighter in weight than those with freezer packs. In general there are two types of vests: those that use freezer packs and those that use evaporative cooling. Worn under your clothing, you can enjoy the benefits of the cold unseen to the public. Best Cooling Vests to Wear Under Clothes. Many of the products listed above have options to have back up bladders or packs so that you can just switch out old packs with newer ones so there are no gaps in wearing the support gear. Since 1983, Ergodyne has pioneered the development of products that Make The Workplace A Betterplace ™.. What started with just one product has grown into a line of top flight, battle-tested, Tenacious Work Gear ®; all precision crafted to provide protection, promote prevention and manage the elements for workers on job sites the world over. Included is a cooler bag which is very nice for reactivation. These are excellent cool vests that will ensure you stay nice and cool while you wear it. This cooling vest is easy to use--just slip it on and get going. This cooling vest is a great option for those of you who are outside a lot and need to stay cool. In the case of a circulatory type vest, the cooling contents, usually ice water, will also eventually rise in temperature. It should fit well and provide cooling effects for as long as you need them. Cooling vests are used by many athletes, construction workers, and welders, as well as individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis, hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, or various types of sports injuries. This option is designed for workers in hospitals, construction, and other occupations, and is also great for use at home while working in the yard or other chores as well as those who suffer from MS. If you are looking for a cooling vest that will remain lightweight while also effectively cooling you down, then you will love this one. There are different sizes that you can utilize to find the right one for your body. It allows for materials that are sustainable substitutes from traditional products that have a petroleum origin. You can enjoy up to hours of refrigeration with this product. The lightweight along with the flexible spandex in the material, make it a most comfortable option. FlexiFreeze. COMPCOOLER designs a backpack that can easily be detached. These vests you just get wet and they then keep you cool as the water evaporates, much like how a swamp cooler works. Adjustable sides and air permeability makes the construction very wearable. It won’t limit your movement at all. Products that aim to reduce your body temperature were originally created for labor type workers who are in extreme environments for long periods of time every day. The cold comes for PureTemp which is a biobased phase change material. Whether you're in the market for a cooling vest for men or women, remember that the way you will use your cooling vest will play heavily into the choice you make. ICEEPAK Australia manufacture and distribute the easy to wear, fully washable Cool Vest / Ice Vest which has been designed for safety and comfort as they mould and fit snug against the body. Adults can do well with 30+ strength, while kids should have at least 50+ strength. © 2020 EZCooldown. Thanks to the high-quality materials this vest is made of, it is safe to say that it is incredibly durable. People either like it or they don't. A good fit is more important than you might think. Great drying abilities are also important for products that are worn on the skin because you want to make sure that they will have properties that will cut down on bacterial growth for better health. For a cooling vest to deliver the value that you need it has to fit more than just your budget. Reactivating or re-hydrating your packs should be able to be done with little time and have the ability to last the length of time you need. This is a very affordable ice vest. Ease of Use Like most cooling vests, this too is not a very complicated system. It has made of soft materials that also has a nice amount of flexibility and stretchability for a firm and cozy fit. Some female users found that it wasn't suited for their bodies but for the most part it is suitable for most different body types. Cooling Vests for Hot Weather Riding. The packs maintain a cool – but not cold – temperature of 59° F for up to 2½ hours. Anyone operating in environments that have open flames and radiant high temperatures needs the right protective gear to be safe. When looking for the perfect cooling vest, there are lots of factors that you need to consider—and the value is one of the most important ones. This ice vest is specifically designed and aimed to be a custom piece of essential gear for football players. Great option for those who don't want to deal with freezer packs, Doesn't stay wet for as long as advertised. A cooling vest for men can't be a good fit for women and vice versa. Durability The mesh panels are more durable than they seem from a picture. Durability Overall, the vest is well made, especially since it's intended for active use. These ice vests allow you the ability to comfortably engage in the hottest of temperatures, and when your ice packs melt all you have to do is refreeze them and reinsert for continued use. Price: Around $370. The last thing you want to do while you are out on your run is pass out from heat exhaustion—especially if you are racing. Very effective cooling. Keep shade around, and if there isn’t natural shade bring umbrellas or tents to activities. This cooling vest will ensure you that you stay cool for short distances, so if you are a long-distance runner you will definitely want to take a look at some other ones on our list. You can rotate the packs so that you don’t have a gap in coverage or you can use them at the same time. It will keep the high temperatures at bay on hot days while you are working and keep you safe from flames and electric arcs. PhaseCore has significant advantages over ice and gel pack cooling vests and powered water or air-cooled vests, including: PhaseCore’s salt-based packs activate at 82.4 o F right when you put on the vest; They produce an average cooling effect of 72 o F for an extended period of time; Vests … Lightweight cooling vest with flexibility and ability to be stored easily are design features for products that are better for gardeners. The inserts are easy to rotate so that you can have no gap in your cold coverage. Generally speaking, these are vests that are designed to carry ice packs, frozen gel packs, or other components with the intended purpose of cooling the body down in hot conditions. From decreasing bacteria accumulation and thus improving the health of your gear and you, this cooling vest provides more than one function. It is definitely a lot bulkier than other selections on our list so make sure to take note of that before making your purchase. Free worldwide shipping. April 25, 2017. Cryovest Cooling Thermoregulation Vest for Industrial & Construction workers includes a set of 8 FirstICE packs CryoVest Industry is a high-performance cooling ice vest suitable for all types of workers exposed to extreme heat. Your movement won’t be limited while wearing it which is very nice for active people who need some refreshing throughout their day or during hot activities. Cost: $50.The Head Cooler Insert by Cool Hard Hat Inc.: The same fan used in the Cool Hard Hat can be inserted inside your own hard hat. Durability is an important point to consider when you are asking yourself what cooling vest is right for you. If you work outside or like to take walks in the middle of a blistering day this may just be the vest for you. This cool vest is really durable and its lining is reinforced to ensure it holds its own no matter how far you decide to run. EU VAT): €147.93 EUR. The operation of this is super simple, all you have to do is soak it in water for about 5 minutes and then put it on. When you are able to combat excessive heat so that your body can be in balance and be comfortable you will be thinking clearer and you will be performing better. The fit is snug and the cooling vest is machine washable. It is so light and flexible, you will almost forget you have it on. These types of jobs require people to operate in conditions that have excessive heat. This may be a more comfortable option for some people. You can easily climb, walk long distances, bend and kneel, and not have any issues. Almost anyone can use this ice vest and enjoy it. These are much lighter and easier to wear than freezer pack options but they don't get as cold the coolness typically doesn't last as long. Many still, will have varying sizes along with adjustable features so that you can get a more custom fit. Construction workers, miners, factory workers really need every support they can get to be able to perform these tough and physically demanding jobs. We sell not only vests, but also leggings, gloves, and so much more! Although, these may last a bit longer than a vest that uses cooling gel or ice packs, as the circulatory systems typically utilize some sort of reservoir, similar to a hydration pack. Many vests, especially ones that are designed for sporting use, are constructed of ventilated materials, many of which have moisture ventilating properties as well. Non EU Customers (excl. If you are looking for an effective cooling vest then you will love this one. Fit As mentioned, the design and cut is quite similar to the hybrid vest above, however this one does not have a zippered closure. Evaporative Cooling Vests. This vest has a Velcro closure on the front for a sleek, clean look. You can adjust it to fit you comfortably and to make sure that it doesn't move around while you are wearing it--this will prevent chafing and blisters from occurring. Extra durable materials and stitching is a necessity for heavy construction. In many cases, the active cooling can last a few hours. This technology is USDA Certified BioPreferred label, which means that it is derived from plants and alternate renewable agricultural, marine and forestry sources. You don’t want to risk frostbite or soft tissue damage. That way you can always be sure to have a set on hand that is frozen and ready to go, and not be caught without ready to use packs when you really need them. It is fully adjustable and has two designs for adults and for children. They are rechargeable too, so you can refresh them at the end of your day and prep them for the next. Similar to Cold Pack vests in that they feature compartments for cooling packs, these vests work through using a specialized phase-changing material or PCM with a higher than normal freezing point of 58 degrees Fahrenheit. The FlexiFreeze Ice Vest is the lightest, thinnest, best performing, most cost effective cooling vest available today. (Updated video) Summer heat stress is a major drain on a worker’s productivity - and in extreme cases, a dangerous hazard. This cooling vest is easy to get on and off once you get used to it, but some users report it can be a little annoying in the beginning since they may not have been used to this type of cooling vest. The cool feeling on the skin is a delight. They are USDA Certified BioPreferred label. The evaporative foam helps to keep your temperature moderated while also helping keep you dry. TechKewl makes a thermally lined cooling vest that uses ice pack inserts to ensure coldness on your body. The cut and design are clearly meant more for sports, and even running, rather than a design that appears more familiar to work apparel. Typically the vests are simply a carrier for cooling components such as freezable gel or ice packs. The length of time the cooling panels stay actively effective does vary some, mostly based on body temps and the climate the vest is being used in, so total results will differ slightly. We took the time to research and review each and every one of these—we even found one for your furry best friend because we know lots of our readers love to take their dogs out on a run with them. Dip it, wring it out, wear it, repeat. You want to be able to have easy wearability. In as little as 20 minutes in ice water or 1 hour to be fully frozen in the freezer, you can recharge the ice packs with ease. It can be a crucial to protect yourself against the chance of overheating. The vest simply slips on over your head. The vests are extremely durable. MoneRffi Heated Vest for Men Women USB Charging Jacket Washable Windproof for Sports Hiking Climbing Thermal Coat(No Battery) MoneRffi CDN$32.99 CDN$ 32 . The length of time a vest remains effective depends more on the type and design of that particular product. This is a terrific cooling vest that can be worn under your clothing which makes it nicely concealed. Designed specifically for sports use, HyperKewl's TechKewl Hybrid Cooling Vest has a a better fit to active use. The adjustability allows for a wide range of body sizes that can benefit from the instant cooling effect. Powered by Shopify, Complete BodyCool Hybrid PCM + H2O Cooling Vest. Try, if you can, to do your activities earlier or later than these hours. You really can’t get any more efficient or simple in use than this product. 99 Carhartt Mens Rain Defender Relaxed Fit Lightweight Insulated Jacket Work Utility Outerwear Carhartt A good cooling vest should be comfortable, effective, durable, and easy to use. There’s micro tubing within the liner so your skin won’t be irritated and scratched. It will allow you to enjoy consistent performance through thousands of melting and refreezing cycles. They are precisely what the name suggests. Our list contains cooling vests that offer a range in options when it comes to price because we wanted to make sure that we offered something for everyone. Perfect for athletes and those who perform physical activities outside in high temperatures, Adult sizing for chest 29 inches to 52 inches, Children sized (30 to 90 pounds) weighs less than 3 pounds, Adjustable design will help with a more custom fit, Comes with 4 packs, extras need to be purchased separately. While some cooling vests may be too bulky to facilitate wearing under clothes, the following vests are ideal for staying cool while wearing your favorite wardrobe items over them. Some models are made to wear over the clothing and others are made that can be worn directly on the skin underneath the clothing. The battery pack is rechargeable and you can easily get about 7 hours out of it. As discussed earlier, when a person gets overheated, not only are there serious health concerns that can arise, but other symptoms can arise. The vest, overall, is made well. The vest is lightweight and cools the body efficiently and effectively in any environment, under and over clothes. The design characteristics needed for these specifications are in line with the basic protection level for electrical workers as well as anyone who would be exposed to electric arc and other similar thermal hazards. The packs are designed so that they are also pliable which help in a better movement when in use. It is attached with Velcro s… There is one thing that these ice vests are designed to do and that keeps your body’s temperature comfortable in hot, humid environments. The vest, by design is very simplistic overall. Ease of Use All you have to do is prepare the cooling inserts and add the panels to the vest. Who can complain about that? Done. The panel inserts fit easily into the vest, which makes it as easy as it could be. Glacier Tek’s “renewable phase change material” (RPCM) cooling vests use a special “green” bio-material made from processed fats and oils instead of petroleum byproducts. Although you can't always control the temperature of your environment, you can control your own comfort with the cooling products available from Construction Gear. Multiple sizes with adjustable features allow for a wide range of body types to use, When all inserts are used solidly it can be heavy and bulky, Packs aren’t flexible until they begin to melt. This makeup is a perfect combination for strength and flexibility allowing you to have maximum movement and range of motion while wearing. The CryoVest Cooling Vest Advantage It is one of the lightest options available so it is easy to carry and wear. We didn't find any complaints about the size of this cooling vest, and it seems suitable for most people and will go over your clothes easily. News. There are a couple models out there that can do both. Body Cooling Ice Vest For people who work and play in the heat - have you ever wondered how to stay cool without air-conditioning? Your endurance also increases and your risk of injury from such temperature stress decreases. This company boasts about its pride in manufacturing their cooling vests in the USA. The first type comes with packs that are filled with either water or gel and then place in the freezer. It is a perfect partner for light contact practice or even game walkthrough. The materials that are used are 88% Nylon with 12% Spandex. You could look forward to segments of 2-4 hours of comfort in the heat. More Gear. Many of us may remember to throw on sunscreen, but many runners don’t think about using a cooling vest. Unlike the HyperKewl Hybrid above, the TechNiche Ultra Vest is a pullover. Gear Pro-Tec Z-Cool is used under the shoulder pads for extra protection during impact. This obviously makes sense. It has an ATPV rating of 7.1 cal/cm2 and is classified CAT1. The rating is based on the average rating (1-100) from all the criteria in which we rated this product. The solidly frozen ice packs become more flexible as they progressively melt. Check the sizing chart before ordering. Whether you are shopping for a cooling safety vest for work or need full-body relief, there is a product for everybody in our store. The Best Selection of Cooling Vests. For hardcore users, professional athletes, campers, working outdoors for long days, 4-7 hours with backup support is best. For those of you interested in purchasing products that are eco-conscious, this would be a great brand to look into. These vests are all pretty easy to use and wear. Flame resistance would be a great feature for electricians. a cooling tube with belt that generates cold air to provide air flow to the worker; a diffuse cooling vest through which the cold air flows to cool the worker’s torso; PACs are available in two cooling capacities; 1500 BTUH and 2500 BTUH. The summer heat can be a runner’s greatest enemy, especially when you already live in a warmer climate. Effectiveness The overall effectiveness is great. These vests maintain a temperature of 59°F (15°C) and recharge after twenty minutes in ice water. The battery will last you all day, so you don’t have to worry about it dropping you in the middle of a workday. It is an awesome and durable device that also has a soft, flexible feel for a comfortable and secure fit on your skin and is easily concealed under your clothing. It is machine washable so maintenance is a breeze. TechNiche International makes a cooling vest that uses an evaporative temperature reducing system which allows for water to slowly evaporate and simply take the high temperature away. … Pullover design eliminates uncomfortable zippers. The design is a more fitted cut, making it more ideal for running than some that look more like a safety vest you might wear around a construction site. Eventually, your body heat will warm the contents of the cooling components within the vest. Products worn on the skin and under the clothing should have a pleasant feel and a good amount of give or flexibility in their materials. Phase Change Cooling Vests. People may have a lot of reasons to wear a cooling vest under their normal outfit, uniform, or extra gear. Some products come with insulated carrying bags to help keep your accessories cool for swapping in and out as needed. The durable front zipper allows for a solid enclosure. For most people, 1-2 hours at a time with backup if longer is needed will work fine.

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