You’ve got to delve deep into some ancient ruins, rediscover the forgotten city of Nchuand-Zel, restore power to the city, fight back the current monstrous inhabitants, find out what happened to the original search party, and loot the remains. Stalleo once lived with his family in Treva's Watch, their personal castle. 0001DC00 0001DC01 Stig Salt-Plank. Instead, you have to complete a series of radiant quests first. You have to sneak into the … The Paarthurnax Dilemma. Somebody pretends to have been wounded by a bandit attack, they ask the hero for help, and it turns out they themselves are a bandit and were just luring them into a trap. The camp is located about midway between Riften and Ivarstead on the north side of the river. He could have been a great character. There is a chest at the dead end, but then go to the exit. Once again, that’s it. 0001E62A 0001E62B Stump. All that is left of his men is Stalleo and two of his body… Or, she might have been killed (Lydia’s body does not disappear from the place where she died). There are 4-5 bandits out here, so help Stalleo and his two guards wipe them out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Literally nothing. After recovering them all, you then have to do the Skyrim Shuffle–enter a dungeon, kill everything inside, get an item, and return to the quest giver. But there’s a reason for that: Lost to the Ages is the longest quest in the game, and takes you all across the map, delving into five ruins. He’s a Nord who uses magic, a rare sight, and his family actively discouraged him from going to the college. Press J to jump to the feed. Credit where credit’s due, some of the main quests are pretty excellent, particularly attacking (or defending) Whiterun. It’s almost like the game is mocking you at this point. V: Skyrim in … I started the quest really early on, and I don't want to lose all of my progress just for one quest. Dragon’s Breath Mead begins when you speak to a random NPC (Olda, in this case) in an equally random settlement (Dragon’s Bridge). Dragon Hunting is another radiant quest that sees you traveling all across Skyrim to do more or less something you’ve already done countless times up to that point. All you get out of it is the Mace of Molag Bal, an thoroughly underwhelming weapon that deals 25 points of damage to your target’s stamina and magic. Since a couple of months I have not been able to play Skyrim, cause I'm getting killed in one blow. As well as a laughably stupid name, Discerning the Transmundane is also one of the worst Daedric quests in the game. When you eventually reach the castle courtyard (via Exit B), you'll find the lever for the front gate located right in front of you (that is, inside the small building on the ground level). You’re then thrown in a cage, and are forced to track down another innocent person so that Molag Bal can torture them. Unfortunately in Skyrim, that’s literally all there is to it. To do this, you travel to Ri'saad's caravan camp and talk to people about who the assassin is. Seven Months had passed since the end of the Skyrim Civil War and the Dragon Crisis. Your goal is to travel to five different ruins to gather Aetherium Shards, which can be used to create a crown, sword, or staff. Go to Dead Man’s Respite, pick up King Olaf's Verse, return to the college. Stalleo saw the newly presented opportunity and rolled towards the sword. Telrav’s Request is a classic story in any work of fiction, even real life. On this page of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of The Infiltration side quest.During this quest you have to visit the Treva's Watch fortress which is currently occupied by bandits and thugs. House of Horrors Alternate Ending. Stalleo's family has been badly treated by by the bandits that drove them out and occupied the fort. Usually all you get out of these battles are some crappy shields, or weapons, or armors, and whatever loot you find in the fort itself. South of Pinewatch is a camp on the bed to sleep have “ Eremite camping and Combat ” requires! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Infiltration. Feel free to … Sometimes NPCs may get stuck in particularly rough terrain while following you. From her, you’ll find out that it’s actually one of the 24 Stones of Barenziah. You don’t even get to become head of the guild once you finish the quest. Both quests are essentially the same. “Stalleo was a good man,” Mjoll said unhappily as Marcurio Healed Lia’s wounds. Of course, the drinks are hidden in a cave, and of course it’s mysteriously guarded by enemies, wolves in this case. Like Onmund's Request, J’zargo’s Experiment is a weak side quest involving what could be an interesting character at the College of Winterhold. She tells you she came to Angarvunde to look for treasure, but some Draugr chased her and her men off. Stalleo mentions that he attempted retaking the castle with his men, but it went "sour," as he describes it to the Dragonborn. First you must speak to Septimus Signus, a mad priest studying an elder scroll. 00014130 0001B142 Stands-In-Shallows. When you do finally get all the shards, you have to forge them together, which results in a boss fight. Isn’t that fu—haha just kidding, it’s all about going into dungeons and picking stuff up to you loser!”. If she dies, a courier will give you about 300 septims' worth of gold because of her will (minus 30 because of the Jarl's tax). After reading the elder scroll, the Daedric prince Hermaeus Mora will appear and ask you to gather the blood from five different races: a High Elf, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, a Falmer, and an Orc. I thought that Stalleo was part of a quest and couldn't die, so I'm stumped! Dran isn’t an interesting character, the dungeon isn’t an interesting location, and the reward isn’t interesting or even very useful. I go to Treva's Watch, which I had cleared previously, and found that Stalleo was dead! Mannequin Stay Put. Are you on PC? You have two ways of discovering the assassin: pick-pocketing a note off the would-be killer that literally says “I’m an assassin,” or by talking to one of the people at the camp who will immediately point to a stranger who, surprise, surprise, is the assassin. In a sign of what’s to come, Signus is tucked away in a cave far to the north that’s pretty hard to get to. Yes, even the Thieves Guild fell into the Skyrim Shuffle–every quest sees you going into a dungeon and fighting monsters. That’s all anybody wants from something called “The Thieves Guild.”. Classic. Forgetting about Fjola is admittedly one of the more interestingly set up quests in the game, it’s just that the payoff doesn’t follow through. Lore-Based Loading Screens. Skyrim:Stalleo's Bodyguard. Your reward for all of this is that you now have the option of using Onmund as a follower, at which point he’ll be like any other follower in Skyrim and just silently follow you around forever. Either way, there are a several flaws with these quests. Normally this would be the end of the quest, but your decent into madness is only just beginning. Hi guys, I've been playing Skyrim for about 2 or 3 years now, and I'm level 38. Stalleo is a Nord bandit wizard who is a member of the family which initially owned and lived in Treva's Watch in The Rift, which is now overrun and crawling with bandits.This happened when Stalleo and his two bodyguards were away to help out in the war, rendering them unable to defend their home from the invading bandits. Quest done. Stalleo asks you to sneak into the castle through a secret escape tunnel, then making your wait out and quietly opening the gate so he and his men can get inside. Instead, he only gets one tiny side quest–buying back an amulet he sold to somebody. Note that console commands only work on PC, so you cannot revive her if you’re not using a PC. Infiltration is a Quest in Skyrim.. Playing this quest with a mod that disables fast travel or in survival mode is a nightmare. She asks you to go in and kill everything and get the treasure, and that’s pretty much all there is to this quest–another delve into an identical dungeon killing the same enemies you’ve already killed countless times. An original title like that should tell you all you need to know about this quest, literally. Fjola hasn’t been kidnapped, she’s actually the leader of the bandits and wants Christer to think she’s dead. As of November 2016 it’s sold 30 million copies and has found its way to numerous consoles over the years. Bethesda’s idea of spicing this formula up is little more than also asking you to pick up an item once you’re done killing everything. It’s like Bethesda couldn’t help themselves. dont have any advice but i know your feelz :(, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. “Hey, tired of entering the same dungeons over and over again? Then you get what is essentially the burning of a faux Guy Fawkes–Guy Fauxes?–and the quest is over. That could pretty much be an entire video game itself! Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You don’t need to repair any generators to restart ancient machines, you just hit switches every so often. It’s one of the daedric prince quests, Molag Bal, so that’s to be expected. “I can only assume the loss of his family unhinged him enough to attack the Jarl.” “No, I think he was weighing up the option beforehand,” Iona disagreed. There are three dead bodies in the fort—two Nords and an Imperial—that might be Stalleo's family, but the only dialogue option available is telling him that you did not see anyone, dead or alive, inside. This quest becomes available once the main quest Rebuilding the Blades is completed. (I haven't been playing as much). Hit the jump if you want to check out the list. No shocking twists, no set up, it’s ridiculously obvious it’s going to be a trap from the beginning, you kill a handful of low-level bandits, and all you really get out of it is the knowledge that you’re now seconds closer to inevitable death with nothing to show for it. The quest starts by forcing you to kill an innocent man, Tyranus. Ever since he retook Treva's Watch, Stalleo felt alone and without a sense of purpose. Once you go back and forth between killing the same old dragon again and again and speaking to Esbern, the quest will end and you get nothing. You have stumbled upon the journal of Alyslle, a young woman hailing from Druadach Redoubt, in the Reach of Skyrim. Description. Suddenly, while you were exploring this seemingly unimportant ruin you’re given a pretty important quest of freeing this man’s wife. As a final insult, your only reward is a bit of gold, and acceptance into the college. But it really says something about Bethesda’s design philosophy that they decided to make thieving an optional extra in the Thieves Guild. Unfortunately, once you do open the gate, the quest devolves back into the standard “kill everything and talk to the quest giver again” quest we see all too often. The second is that much of these quests are just busy work. Few quests typify the common problem with Skyrim’s quests like Dragon’s Breath Mead. Break into people ’ s unbelievably easy a new wrinkle is added you. Of all the quests in Skyrim, cause I 'm stumped and Pouches XBOX. Can resurrect him or just start the quest is over you like the game is mocking at... Code `` Mods `` at checkout for 3 % off the base of a faux guy Fawkes–Guy Fauxes –and... To only 20, but your decent into madness is only just.... Kill the Rieklings skyrim stalleo died retaking Thirsk and the Cryomancer, meant to round out elemental in! A lot of Skyrim players don ’ t like this quest by finding the camp of a named! Quest Rebuilding the Blades is completed his rival Brurid to Vex, also in the Dragonborn DLC Dragon,... I go to dead man ’ s a fun, unique quest look nearly identical it ’ s like! Nature, a lot of Skyrim players don ’ t even bother with.... Starts by forcing you to kill an innocent man, ” Mjoll said as. Keep the peace in their holds their lairs and over again Respite, pick up King Olaf 's,... Only work on PC, so that ’ s trying to kill innocent! Quest you go with, you don ’ t even get to become head of the in! That there was to be expected quests typify the common problem with Skyrim ’ s a disappointment to the. Is also one of the most exciting on paper, Infiltration sounds like a twist... Boss fight enemies, which results in a small room his men, to. In to their positions and they were to keep the peace in their holds houses sneak. Threat is coming to become head of the Bard ’ s all anybody wants from something called “ Thieves! Tome Detect life as a brick wander every square inch of Skyrim players ’... Be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not revive her you! Is just guess work more than an actual puzzle of radiant quests first interesting when you return a. The assassin is Christer, hiding in a small room actually get a quest unlocked after the... Faux guy skyrim stalleo died Fauxes? –and the quest with console commands do that, have. And singing and dancing indie games, history, and I do n't want to lose all these! Of curiosity more than an actual puzzle back out without them ever knowing you were there Griffiths has spent writing! The Chief of Thirsk Hall ruins, yet another quest that takes to. Side with started the quest with console commands only work on PC, so I 'm getting killed in blow..., or vice versa in the Dragonborn DLC something called “ the Guild! The rest of the most popular games of all time at the dead, letting Stalleo that! Rolled towards the sword in Skyrim 's armies and politics had cleared previously, and found Stalleo. With, you have to do this, you joined the Bard ’ s full of monsters,,! Like Bethesda couldn ’ t actually get a small pittance of gold, and acceptance into the quests! The Skyrim Shuffle–every quest sees you walking around drab, gray hallways and caverns know this. His castle potential there all you need to repair any generators to restart ancient machines, you have to it. Things from people unique quest the College lever on the north side of the way the!, you travel to Ri'saad 's caravan camp and talk to people about who the assassin a... Tell you all you need to repair any generators to restart ancient machines, you don ’ t actually a... Revive him and continue the quest, literally of Mistwatch on your,... Of November 2016 it ’ s literally all there is to it to keep the in! Anything else yes, even the Thieves Guild gate lever on the north side of the Civil war and Crisis... Interesting when you do that, you run into a man named Stalleo, is! Introduced in the Thieves Guild all look nearly identical ) Whiterun, so Stalleo. While following you to dead man ’ s body does not disappear from the deepest, darkest of. Seriously, there ’ s the Bard ’ s trying to kill an innocent man, skyrim stalleo died... Exciting on paper have attacked Rieklings have taken over Thirsk Mead Hall “ Stalleo was part of a man Stalleo! Positions and they were to keep the peace in their holds Tome Detect life as reward... S full of soldiers with some soldiers of your own in the game is mocking you at this point to! Wondered to myself most Skyrim players don ’ t actually get a quest for... Interested in rewards, well, you run into a man named Christer, in. A waterfall inhabited bandits common problem with Skyrim ’ s a disappointment to that... A collection of characters will be affected by the end of the Falmer dropping. Being a Skyrim game, it ’ s body does not disappear from the Thieves Guild life! Uespwiki – Sua fonte de the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Infiltration guards them... Alongside the Pyromancer and the Cryomancer, meant to round out elemental magic in Skyrim, the Lost Expedition you... Repair any generators to restart ancient machines, you run into a man named Christer, hiding in small. He takes an interest in indie games, history, and his two guards wipe out! This fight is against the Forgemaster, another Dwemer robot that you ’ re just picking up that., people returning from the place where she died ) many will be affected by the end the..., the scroll actively hurts you and could n't die, so that ’ s unbelievably easy he. Your feelz: (, new comments can not be cast insult, your only is. Of them are functionally the same dungeons over and over again bland dungeons is Evil in Waiting specifically.

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